He REFUSES To Hold Her Hand On Camera – You Won’t Believe Why

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An awkward piece of footage surfaced on Friday showing Donald Trump refuse to hold his wife Melania’s hand as they got off Air Force One in Palm Beach. Now, a body language expert has analyzed the footage, and what she had to say is shocking.

Daily Mail reported that Trump and Melania were holding hands when they first got off the plane, but the president let go go to clap along with his supporters. Melania then grabbed his hand again, and he responded by tapping it twice before letting go of it.

“Typically a hand-hold shows a couple as a unit,” body language expert Patti Wood. “But to me, I think he’s been saying,’I want to be seen as the president on my own,’ which is very much alpha. ‘I want to be just the powerful me.’ And it’s clear that that’s his choice.”

“Holding hands can communicate so much about an individual and a couple, depending on the position of the hands, who reaches in first, who breaks it first,” said Wood, who has written a book on body language and first impressions. “What’s fascinating, I think to all of us, is that they’re holding hands at all. They hold hands in private, so we know that there’s a coupleness that we weren’t seeing in public or at the inauguration.”
Wood also said the video says a lot about Melania.

“Even though we’ve been hearing that Melania wants to be like Jackie O – she initiated this hand-hold. He clapped his hands to get out of it, which was very odd because basically he’s clapping away from her,” Wood said. “And then the second time she goes into a supplicant hand-hold in which she cups her hand up, showing, ‘I’m supplicant, I will take the bottom position but I want to hold hands.’ She goes into it and he goes out of that.”

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